Class: Remote


The Remote class represents a the base class for all remote nodes, Peer, Orderer , and MemberServicespeer.

new Remote(url, opts)

Constructs an object with the endpoint configuration settings.
Name Type Description
url string The orderer URL with format of 'grpc(s)://host:port'.
opts object An Object that may contain options to pass to grpcs calls
- pem {string} The certificate file, in PEM format, to use with the gRPC protocol (that is, with TransportCredentials). Required when using the grpcs protocol.
- ssl-target-name-override {string} Used in test environment only, when the server certificate's hostname (in the 'CN' field) does not match the actual host endpoint that the server process runs at, the application can work around the client TLS verify failure by setting this property to the value of the server certificate's hostname
- any other standard grpc call options will be passed to the grpc service calls directly



Get the URL of the orderer.
Get the URL associated with the Orderer.


return a printable representation of this object